Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today's greatest moments in the history of popular music:

The entire ten minutes and twenty seven seconds of the Wipers' "Youth of America". The Pop Group's "We are time" motorik-ized.


Seb said...

Point well taken, but I always found "We Are Time" to be thoroughly motorik-ish itself (albeit of a very fractured and schismic sort).

Anonymous said...

aha! Then maybe "we are time" is "Youth of America" violently mangled by dub. There's also something very post-pop group sherwood/stewart about the's a bit of a stand alone track for the wipers, too, innit?

nice blog btw.

Seb said...

It's absolutely the one Wipers song I listen to on a semi-regular basis - originally recommended to me by someone who knew how obsessed I was with Pop Group fans & contemporaries The Birthday Party. So yeah, you hit the nail on the head.

But generall, I regard the Wipers the same as I do Flipper: an important precedent for a lot of music I love, though without balanced the equation quite to my satisfaction.

Glad you dig the blog, by the way!