Friday, July 11, 2008

Moments of exquisite hypocrisy number 256.

As we’re leaving the Gym there’s a gaggle of middle-class mums, dads and kids around the entrance to the swimming pool as usual, having the usual rather brittle middle class conversations. Basically they all use the council gym because its cheap, then spend their time complaining about it and being rather pushy about just how much value for money and “opportunity” they and their kids are getting out of it.

One mum says, with regard to I know not what, “ if you do I’ll come over there and give you a cuddle and kiss.”

“I’d rather have fifty pence,” the kid tells her.

“No I’m not going to do that,” she announces, voice going up an octave so everyone can hear. “ If I do that you’ll think the only important thing is money.”

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Anonymous said...

I am keen to read the other 255 moments of exquisite hypocrisy.Where can I get hold of them ? And are you coming to Boogaloo on 19th?