Thursday, March 01, 2007

Surely these boys have reasonable claim on the forefathers-of Shoedoom or Druidgaze or Technical Quwali Metal or whatever it is crown.... plus they were earsplittingly loud live as I recall..AND they did versions of both "What time is love?" and err....a track by Echo and the Bunnymen.....AND "One last laugh in a place of dying".....truly Glumerous!
Luciano, if you don't know these guys I suspect you're going to like them!


Luciano said...

Thx Carl... I'm gonna check them right now... obviously, respecting Copyleft laws!!!!

Luciano said...

You were right Carl... I liked them very much… and they were there all this time, just waiting for me to discover them, but my lack of information prevented me doing so. It reminds me of the Famous Semiotics Professor of Bologne University who once said that the greatest defiance about internet is to know how to get reliable information… you’re doing your part. Thx.