Monday, January 22, 2007

Ok so..... Cop Shoot Cop were the greatest and most underrated rock band of the Nineties.. and certainly one of the greatest of all's my memory that's shot... has there been another band as committed to breaking the standard rock format (two bass players, sampler, metallic percussion, multiple drummers, horn section) as rhythmically exciting, as experimental sonically, as lyrically trenchant or politically sophisticated since? Absolutely not...CSC were never a mere PIGFUCK band along the lines of the Jesus Lizard, White Zombie, Drunktank or a million other gnarly gutter-dwelling guitar manglers, they were, if anything, an angry, underclass take on the more elevated rock futurism of the Young Gods, but whereas the Swiss Young Gods took Jim Morrison's shamanic (VA!) Vitalism as a jumping off point CSC were mired in bitter, Brooklyn-bound class war, channeling Einsturzende Neubauten and Bukowski into a full bloodied lunge away from the tradition. Smash Retro!

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