Monday, April 26, 2010

ZZ TOP eh?
First you diss Ikonika then you post a Bruce Springsteen track and a ZZ Top track? I reckon the sheer, radical non-NUUM, mini-modernist newness of that epochal, powerfully emotive Ikonika album* so scrambled your sclerotic, literally Forty Year old brain in all its rigid and calcified synaptic sterility that you’ve been reduced to revealing what you really are, Grandad Woebot, a man so fetterd by the sad, outdated rockist orthodoxies he pathetically tries to wrest himself from that he should have the decency to just step aside and allow the brave children of the future, writhing and weeping in ecstatic communion with the NOW, loving, connecting, wanting, having in that shining temple to What Is To Come, Corsica Studios, to finally be freed from the yoke that is your mild scepticism.

And what’s more I’ll Rapeman you under the Covers right back!

*I for one wept openly in the street here in Japan, listening to it on my I-Pod for the first time, gasping down ragged breaths and clinging on to passers by, pressing the headphones on them, babbling over and over “listen, listen, for here speaks the very soul of my people. She is among us, we shall build Jerusalem!"

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Matthew Ingram said...

dadrock? been there done that