Thursday, August 10, 2006

a "liquid of some kind," eh?

Nice and specific that, then. Cans of Special Brew that would be force-fed to pilots in order to make them lose control of the plane? ("fugging rat-arsed, mate. Do you wanna fly for a bit, don’t hit any fugging buildings mind or I'll loose me licence.") Excuse my scepticism, given the excellent track record of shooting completely innocent people and failing to find any evidence whatsoever that the Boys-in-Blue have demonstrated thus far (ahh, but we don’t see the tireless, highly successful invisible work that goes on night and day in order that we may sleep safely in our beds at night, only condemning the few highly-visible trumped-up fabrications...err..sorry "operations" that do occasionally, regrettably, yes, go wrong..)

I have no doubt that the moment I clock eyes on a Tabloid/The Torygraph/The Evening Scumtard it will be proceeding editorialy with doggerel of the nature of " and this is why we must fight terrorism with every weapon at our disposal home and abroad etc, etc" Come on, Mr Blair you can do better than this, we’re just not convinced anymore, (remember those tanks being deployed to Heathrow a few years back, to shore up public opinion just prior to the invasion of Iraq. HAHAHAHAHAHA!, how we smirked). In fact short of having yourself blown to pieces by a ululating mullah on the steps of ten Downing street very little is going to convince the British public that this isn't another botched PR move to take the heat off you and your utterly cowardly subservience to the US Imperium.

Although if you need to use John Reid as a proxy assassinee, by all means be my guest.

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Billy said...

Well the record of UK counterterrorism is certianly very patchy but they've had some successes as well as failures.

We're told that a bunch of muslim extremists were going to create explosive material (after the flights they were booked on had taken off) by combinng a variety of otherwise innocuous fluids.

You find this scenario deeply implausible. Why?

After all on September 10th 2001 who would ahve believed that the the WTC and the Pentagon were about to be blown up by twenty odd people armed only with a few stanley knives?

They are any number of 'recipes', freely available online, that detail how to manufacure explosives from everyday household items.

You must also accept that are many musilm extremists in the UK who would be willing to engage in such a 'martyrdom operation'. (See last July).

Perhaps, therefore, you should wait untill the authorities have unveiled the evidence against this latest cohort of 'alleged conspirators' before givinbg free reign to your scepticism.

If the evidence against them turns out to be sub-standard or non-existent then go ahead and laugh.

Loving the blog by the way, keep up the good work!