Friday, April 15, 2016

Slow Tech

No coincidence perhaps that this article

and this appear on the same day!

It's the (gratifyingly slow) partial return of Illbient really, innit? No objections there and much as I think a lot of this stuff is great it still hadn't surpassed Illbient's high point which, for me, must be this,

or maybe this 20 bpm banger.... a return to slow in the offing?



"But you cannot recognize a psychotic mouse" - favorite sentence of the week

But I wonder if that's true? Probably it would behave abnormally if crazy and/or incredibly stoned

They don't need to do all this research about skunk and psychosis, just play Maxinquaye and read tricky's interviews of that time

carl said...

Here's a handy and poignant youtube video that should enable anyone, not just researchers in their Ivory Laboratories to recognize a psychotic mouse as and when.

job done.