Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bass 1.

So we are doing bass are we? Basstard that I am I am going to get in first with Punk Bass Favourites.

There's a particular kind of charging/frantic bass intro that sort of hurries/propels you into the track and these three are I think particularwinners in setting up the bit-when-the-guitar comes in.

THIS for instance is a bit long/flashy but it's still a great bass intro, innit?

Some people may well claim that The Stranglers have  been written out of Punk history for being to true to its apparent principles. I say this is also true of the Misfits and I also say that this is another rip-snorting intro, It's the tone as much as anything, along with those cheap tumbling drums. Gets me every time, in its numerous versions


And who could  forget of  course The Dwarves' magnificent Fukking Life from the epochal Tooling For a Warm Teabag?*

Hmm. Maybe  I'll stick with Punk/Hardcore for a bit. Just so I can revisit all the songs I listened to from 15-20.

*for those who care Fukking Life starts at 1:56.

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