Friday, August 07, 2015

The  beauty of Socialism is that it allows you to express your desire to care for others in all their distinctively awful, baffling and frustrating particularity without having to directly encounter them.  Communism or socialism offers a way to be alone, to separate from people, to have more private space, solitude, the opportunity to withdraw from the world while at the same time affirming and enacting your love for your fellow man on a generic and unconditional basis. I don’t mean by saying this that I wouldn’t work in a “”caring” profession myself, I partly do anyway (teaching) but I want to throw my arms around the world while simultaneously retreating from it, see less of people, be less obliged to be social in one sense, on a micro level while expressing a commitment to the idea of the social on another more abstract plain. Socialism allows for the possibility of  a truly contented aloneness, aloneness in which you are simultaneously  with everyone, rather than an enforced sociality in which one always feels alone.

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