Monday, August 24, 2015

Interview on Page three of the F.T. with Corbyn, flagged up as the main headline on page 1 ( amazing triptych of headlines today). Is it me or is their a sense that he is already not just leader of the Labour party, but P.M.? That it’s a fait accompli? The wording is “Corbyn targets “ludicrous pay” and Murdoch’s media empire”. He certainly has the manner of someone who has already won but I think on the part of our overlords there is a sense that they have been rumbled, they got away with it for a while but now, fair enough, it’s time they were taken in hand.This sense of abashed resignation is the flip side of the hysteria that greets even the mildest social democratic suggestions ( Toby Young suggesting Corbyn would turn us into Venezuela, Gove’s wife invoking Stalin in paranoid, anxiety-ridden tweets before the last election.) The Right know that what they are doing is unconscionable, they know they are incapable of stopping and must be stopped and are riddled with guilt and suppressed horror at what their own ideological position forces them into, hence this alternating between hysteria and sense of passivity and inertia, They want to be punished, they also want to be saved and are themselves preparing the grounds for their own absolution/disciplining. No one is keener than the Right for the saintly Corbyn to come along and take the nightmare of their own jouissance away. Amazing scenes,as they say.

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Phil Knight said...

He's emaciated, he's got a beard, his initials are JC, and in refusing to "do abusive", he also turns the other cheek.

We just need the media to start calling his followers "disciples".