Friday, April 26, 2013

Punk Capitalism enters its next phase.

Oh good, so I can protect my wealth from inflation and keep it out of the reach of Government, not have to lose money changing currencies when I jet around the globe meaning I have more to spend on myself and I can buy craft beer, gig tickets and bar snacks just by using my smart phone!

Thank fuck for that. If you have got any friends who are/you yourself are on the dole, drowning in debt, facing a pension short fall or unable to pay the Winter fuel bills, just have a look at this. Don't worry, look, these people's self interest and groovy lifestyle consumption is going to make it all all right. Exactly when we don't know but the revolution is coming and besides they look well fed and  comfy enough so even if it takes years well..... Rome wasn't built in an etc. You know you can trust them, the future is safe in their hands, they are small business owners, stockbrokers and lawyers.

Hmmm.. wonder how many extra hours work I will have to do to get some bit coin now the price has shot up. Should have been one of the smart guys and  got in early. I could be a bitcoin millionaire now like Max Kieser. Still at least we have  created a new raft of bitcoin rich! They need somewhere to spend so the wealth is bound to trickle down! If I had some initiative  instead of  just sitting round festering in the politics of envy I would be setting up Bitcoin friendly services to cater to their needs.

A funky, subversive "punk" bitcoin e-bay maybe. Bitbay! With a cool logo and everything.

Of course what you don't understand about digital currencies Carl is that they are truly unregulated and implicitly anti monopolistic. Just like the internet, the great, earth changing, State subverting, new digital commons about to unfold before us was twenty years ago! But this time, it really is!


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