Monday, April 08, 2013

Ahh, Thatcher's dead.

Shame, as that now virtually guarantees a Tory re-election victory in 2015 and the nation is about to enter into a frenzy of competitive grieving. This  time I suspect it is  going to get a lot more thuggish and ugly than it did with Diana. Then, non-participation wasn't deeply politicized (though I remember still almost getting into a fight in  a greengrocers in Ramsgate the morning of the funeral because I had chosen to work that morning). This time it will be. If you are thinking of  having any kind of celebration prepare to be targeted and criminalized.*

My deep condolences to all who will now have to suffer through this 24/7 full-spectrum sanctification campaign. Perhaps most wretched of all will be  watching Labour's attempts to out-eulogize the Tories and vie unsuccessfully to be true inheritors of her legacy. If Blair massively benefited from Diana's death, Cameron has been gifted an aura and a legitimacy now that will be  virtually unassailable, to attack him will be to attack Thatcher. It will be sacrilegious.

And all the  violence that is going to be done to the poor can be justified and will be redoubled by invoking the Blessed Margaret's name.

It is about to get even more fucking lunatic than it has been. I imagine  Louis Mensch is  already weeping in the street, rending her garments with her eyes rolled up to heaven, babbling. If you worried that they were unhinged before, their zealotry is about to hit unbelievable peaks.

Maybe I am wrong, I certainly hope so, but for once I am glad I am out of the country. If I weren't I would be laying low and waiting for the hysteria to blow over. Any chance that can have happened by the end of May?

Maybe you are braver than me, in which case, anyway, be safe.

* Of course I am being a bit South/London-centric in my thinking there. If you live anywhere else, fill your boots!

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