Thursday, November 15, 2012

They were insanely funky weren't they, Swans, before they got all bluesy and tedious.?Funky in a kind of rigid, abject way. It's odd, cause certainly A Screw which is all about the horrors of  shagging and disgust at the body etc with its barked commands and so forth, is actually a really quite sexy goodtime track.

Let's face it they were New York boys earlyHip-Hop and Disco are all over Swans supposedly rigorous pofaced confronational anti-rock. And  actually, sonically it  is still not as harsh or stark as  some fairly mainstream hip hop cuts of the day.


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David Kasper said...

Yeah the harsh, sparse sonic 'bluntness' of some early hiphop is certainly there in early Swans (good examples for comparison there).

Apparently one of Swans biggest influences was Howlin' Wolf, who also mastered relentless, hypnotic harshness.