Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Presumably then, if you are on benefits and are murdered, in this political climate you have brought it on yourself.

Of course just beneath the restraint and the judiciously chosen words you can hear the quiver of delight, see the low level flickering in the eyes. What she wants to say, what she wants to do is revel in the deaths of the poor, and I wonder how long it will be before she's openly allowed to do so.


Bobby's Dream said...

Depressing and horrible in so many ways and somehow rendered more vile by being thrown into relief by the 'good manners' and 'fairmindedness' of the boy-man Schofield.

ASHDAV said...

For fuck's sake, who is this evil shitcunt? Living outside the UK I've been mercifully spared her up to now. I always knew daytime TV was full of fatuous cunts, but this plumbs new fucking depths. Having watched this, I cannot truly say, hand on heart, that I oppose capital punishment. Fucking scum.

David W. Kasper said...

I once asked my mum if she watched 'Loose Women'. Her answer was "I can't stand those Nazi cunts."

Daytime TV and prime-time 'reality' TV is the real cesspit of far-right realism (not 'capitalist' - far-right). All the filth Tories peddle as fact festered in misanthropic home-buying shows ("no neighbors! No neighbors!"), Glenda Slagg's opinion couch, and that 'wide-boy' fucker who shills for the security industry. All delivered with a smile.