Friday, March 02, 2012

Dunno what all that track 13 stuff is about, as far as I am concerned this is "The  Beautiful Ones"  from "Free dope for cops and kids" E.P. by Stainless Steel Rat At Rat R, which I bought at the tender age of 18 on a  day trip to Manchester from Barrow in Furness, the same day I got hold of L'eau Rouge, in Eastern Bloc records. I did later pick up Amer$ide (the album cover that's displayed there, I guess there has been a re-issue that has incorporated the later E.P.) in Cherry Red records in York. Then when I was skint in about 93/94 I sold them.

Frankly, in 1988 it (and the YG album) blew my mind. I heard that one point they played a twenty minute plus track called "when dreams cannibalize youth" at a gig in New York and blew the headliners, Sonic Youth, off stage. I used to have dreams that I had discovered a bootleg.

Anyway, nice to see it on youtube! After 20 years, Rat At Rat R I publicly salute you. You drove my mum mad for about a year before I finally buggered off to University.

(well... this and  Eat Y'rself Fitter by the Fall)

aha! Track 12 is off the same record;


Greyhoos said...

Wow. Rat At Rat R ...there's one I hadn't thought of in ages, and wouldn't have expected to hear of again.

Isma - Juegos de Mario said...

really deep

Raily - juegos gratis said... fantastic...I love! thanks