Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tony Herrington's some big cheese over at the Wire isn't he? I should probably know more about him, but I've got to say his occasional blogposts over at the Mire over the  past year have been brilliantly, well, aggressive and polemical. And class-based.

Energizing stuff, whether you agree with him or not (as Sam doesn't).

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Zone Styx Travelcard said...

Tony's the publisher & editor-in-chief & unfortunately I guess that keeps him too busy to write more. He has written some absolutely coruscating / excoriating stuff in last few years... And actually I have a lot of sympathy for his argument - the contours of it - but not the way he specifically maps it onto those artists, if that makes sense. Same with K-punk's beef. I think if SY had split up early 90s, before the genteel, uber-curated middle age, they'd be remembered very differently. Plus the hegemony of Pitchfork, for whom they are Godparents of Indie etc, has given them a rather baleful, oppressive, institutionalized background presence.