Sunday, May 29, 2011

Interesting post by Alex on the Wild Beasts. Quite like the new one, but still long for some of that wildness of yore (yore these days being approx 2 years)

The thing here is that it IS enlarging to listen to something recommended/advocated to you because it takes on a certain colouration from another persons life, in a way it stimulates a kind of empathetic echo, ahh! so this is what moves them, this is an exteriorization in a way of their inner world, this is a part of what their soul looks like (please note absence of scare quotes around soul). It forces a kind of imaginative investment in the listener, a listening through the other, in this sense when you listen you listen together. This is why I think there was such a sense of communion and communication around the music press. You read (and re-read) the same writers week after week, often hundreds of thousands of words of prose over a few years and you got to know them, you felt familiar, intimacy developed, you listened often out of respect, in a spirit of friendship, often you struggled to like things, to see what they had seen in it.

Meanwhile, Wayne takes an elliptically autobiographical swerve.

I say, more! Less elliptically.

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