Friday, March 04, 2011

If we’re talking guitar work we can only really be talking about one band right? That’s right MOFO forget The Butthole Surfers, forget Blue Oyster Cult.

I’m saying……


Choosing the best bits of lead and solo from their body of work is nigh on impossible, there’s just so much great stuff in there. Though Countdown to Ecstasy is probably their most guitar-y album (or at least the rockiest) there is scintillating stuff like this (the below) on nearly every record.

No doubt if I hunted around a bit I could find out the various session musicians on the tracks, but
….I can’t be arsed! LOL!

Can I repost a track? I feel I must!

And what about this languid, cheeky little number!

Actually there are several other tracks I could just as well have posted. Holy Modder of Jahsus I love Steely Dan.

When oh when are they going to get a Wire front cover?

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