Friday, August 27, 2010


"porntology already exists!

jonny trunk has been on this for ages

the slogan at the Trunk website is Music, Nostaglia, Sex

and he is totally into this retro-saucy vibe check this

here's a post on his latest venture at A Sound Awareness, one of the key h-ological blogs

unusually kinky for Mr Trunk cf. his previous efforts

flexi sex (flexisingles from old porn mags)

mary millington talks dirty

project called dirty fan male, based on letters to his sister who was a softcore starlet

the ladies bras

he almost had a hit with that song, there was some DJ campaign (danny baker?) to get it to into the charts

i did an interview with Trunk and he was totally talking about vintage porn in the same way as library music -- the artistry of the old magazines, the unusual shoots, whimsical humour, cf. the modern stuff which he hates."

yeah...alright....that one WAS Reynolds....

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