Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deep Purple-Hard Lovin' Man

I hadn't heard this until last week. It sounds a bit like Neu, Steppenwolf and The Young Gods got together and formed a supergroup. In 1971.


Rossikovsky said...

This is almost the same riff as Sweet's "Sweet FA":

Which I think was sampled by The Young Gods in "Longue Route".

I remember being almost hearbroken when I realised that the Sweet's original rocked much harder than the Young God's version. Genuinely shocking lyrics too.

I sold my copy of "L'eau Rouge" and never listened to them again.

carl said...

You're not wrong R, it is the source for Longue Route.. never heard it before, slightly blown away...i assume that album's pretty good, then.. any other suggestions?

but still... selling L'eau Rouge..Heresy....what about all the other tracks??!!!

Rossikovsky said...

I should probably go back to "L'eau Rouge" and think again, tbh. I sold it in a fit of pique, but I do remember with affection its cyborg cross-fades.

"Sweet Fanny Adams" is an interesting record in that most of the riffs are blatently stolen from their more respected hard-rock peers (Free, Zep, Sabs etc.) Some bits even sound like "Soon Over Babaluma"-era Can. The lyrics sound like they were pulled out of a hat. What you do hear is just how musically skillful they were. There is a school of thought that reckons that Mick Tucker was the very greatest of all rock drummers.

As for other recommendations, well this is just as neanderthal lyrically, but unfortunately neanderthalism and great riffs seem to complement one another:

Anonymous said...

Interesting how two posts on porn shame lead to a song that has double entendre in both band name and song title.

This is how male youth dealt with it's fear of women back in the days of mixed economy... comforting, but anxious.