Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seb and Bonsai weigh in on the riffathon.

As to the tenor of the conversation, I would suppose it's primarily: enthusiastic.


Seb said...

Well, clearly! Hard to think of the last time I saw people having such a wild gab about music that didn't have some hidden agenda or tricky angle.

Just couldn't tell how much of a mook I'd look like if I got all "FOGHAT, motherfucker!" instead of "Well, arguably the denouement of 'Swastika Girls' is a riff, too!"

Anonymous said...

When it comes to riffs, there's late Stooges, early Sabbath and everything else is a footnote.

Creation was by and large shit. Even its only record I liked, MBV's 'Loveless', has to be one of the most overrated, over-reviewed albums of the past two decades.

And what about the 'one narrow idea but a bloody good one' rifforama that runs through the Ramones to Lightning Bolt?

Ps. Word verification on this comment was 'proplat' - which would be an ace name for a monster riff rawk band!