Sunday, April 25, 2010

re the tempo of the riff thing…I think it’s probably why speed and thrash metal are such boring genres….too fast on one level but not so fast that it blurs into ambience a la black or death metal. It's more akin to a series of rapid-fire quips, to maintain the witty remark analogy, that just leave you feeling slightly puzzled, there’s nothing to savour….actually, riff- wise the mid-eighties was a bit dull. I mean Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth etc, they have their moments, but for me its not until it slows down a bit more with stoner and sports/nu metal/grunge that the riffs improve…. so expect some early nineties' hideousness…maybe even a bit of Stone Temple Pilots!!!

Momentarily we’re stuck in the 70’s. I see Reynold’s Nooj and attack him with a Groundhog…an unfortunate choice really, as it’s precisely loveable little beasts like these that Ted spends all his time putting arrows through.

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