Friday, April 23, 2010

Ah yes, I was supposed to be doing a great lyrics thing, wasn’t I? But then unfortunately I got heinous sunburn and haven’t slept for four nights due to the empurpled, ravening discomfort of it all. Plus I started writing another book, or books. I seem to have started another Novel plus two on film, one on British films of the seventies, the other a kind of tracing of cinematic influences/echoes back and forth in time and across national cinemas via an appreciation of Michael Mann’s “Thief”.

Four nights of no sleep will allow you to do a lot of writing in your head, hence I’ve actually planned out the entire novel, for the first time ever: usually I just write into a void seeing what comes out that day an d wondering where it’ll all go. I start numerous things then abandon them but all three of these are going to get written. How do I know? Well it’s like love, or lust: you just know they’re exactly what you want right now.

Anyway, lying on the floor listening to the I-pod for eight hours also gave me time to cogitate on the eternal question of great riffs, so instead I present several riffs for your delectation, in no particular order of merit.

This one’s kind of obvious, but lets be honest it is a killer.

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