Monday, October 29, 2007

Somehow, somewhere in the collective Celeb-unconscious a shift has ocurred, a polarity has been reversed, one has risen high on destiny's wheel and another has been cast low in shadow. Having a conversation about how "Vindaloo" is the only true football record ever made we fumbled for the name of that twat off the telly what done it and came up with "Lilly Allen's Dad".

Now we can’t be the only people who have started to refer to him that way, who can only really see him in relation to her. And it’s not like we’re teenagers who haven’t seen Lilly Allen’s dad around for a lot more years than we have Lilly Allen.
Ah well, sorry mate. You reap what you sow, innit.

Singer Lilly Allen's dad (Formerly: Actor Keith Allen)

Singer Lilly Allen (Formerly: Actor Keith Allen's daughter)