Friday, July 27, 2007

Pere Ubu,

words fail me!


parody center said...

carl this is genuinely fantastic!

Anonymous said...

The early records were good, but this just sounds like Meatloaf or something. The sax solo could have come straight off a Tina Turner hit, talk about losing your edge.



ASHDAV said...

Bassist's got a godlike mullet. What year is this from?

Anonymous said...

the sax solo isn't on the
original, it's a "contribution" from the shows host, who isn't part of the band. and it's from I guess, about 1991/2. Hmmmm.... UBU devotee that I absolutely am i have to say the Fontana years ie THIS period is my favourite phase.. i shall have to write soemthing of such shattering eloquence that you are all convinced of the genius!!!!