Monday, July 09, 2007

(not waving but jumping: Motion to step down)

Breaking news: It’s the man they’re hailing as the James Blunt of grime! Wiley’s latest single puts him in contention for Poet Laureate.

Those Wiley Lyrics in full.

My name is Wiley.”

My name is Wiley
Your name is not Wiley
If your name was Wiley
Our names would be the same.

But it’s not like that
Because I am Wiley
And you are not
So why don’t you just be yourself
And let me be
Who I am
Wiley Kat


You are you and I am me
And I am Wiley (repeat 38 times)

The people call me Wiley
Wiley is my name
Not your name.
If your name was Wiley
You might have my fame.

But it isn’t, so you haven’t
I am the original Eski boy
Not you, remember who is who, I am me
Get me?


You are me and I am you
Hang on minute, I’ve got confused……..

Serving Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, who is believed to be voluntarily stepping down from the position to make way for “ the true, contemporary Bard of Stratford” spoke glowingly of the Wiley’s latest lyrical triumph. “There is something deeply, powerfully resonant in the repetition, the constant martial reiteration of the, dare I say “poet's”, identity, which powerfully bespeaks the modern, urban persona's terminal state-of-siege, constantly assailed by forces that threaten to breach its hard-won boundaries, the recombinant intensity of the small number of units, playing on the “I- thou” distinction gestures toward a minimalist, almost ascetic philosophical investigation of self in the urban present.”

The Royal Family are already said to have reacted with delight at the prospect.

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