Monday, July 02, 2007

"He might have one of the worst quality to productivity rates in the world, but when he get's it right!!!!!! Also note late inclusion in video of Token White Beatch."

This post, (see below) has incited the ire of my good friend James, who has suggested to me that the RZA is "wack", that the song "We Pop" is "weak" and an "embarrassmet" and that I should remove the link to it lest my otherwise excellent standing in the International Hip-Hop Community plummet.

I refused, suggesting that he should come up with something better and I'd link to that as well, so we could all assess just how street and real HIS sorry, white, philosophy-graduate ass is, immediately rejecting his suggestions of something by Gang Starr/Pete Rock as too obviously uncontroversial.

So he went for this

Nah I'm only kidding, actually it was this.

Alright already!

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throughsilver said...

Fucking hell, I haven't heard 'Pray' in time. I loved Hammer when I was ten, but now all I hear in his songs is the sampling of far superior artists. I mean, Prince and Rick James?! He should have set his bespectacled sights a little lower and sampled Alexander O'Neal.

Also, tardiest (and messiest) refutation ever is now up~! Apologies in advance.