Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Of course I've never spent more time flicking randomly through mySpace (or blog-posting) than I have since starting to write that novel in earnest. This caught my ear for some reason. Apparently he's seventeen and seems to be making what I can only describe (well the last two tracks anyway "Demon's Halo" and "Faith") as prog-Grime in his bedroom. Obviously a total goth, the lad, (whatdyoucallit? Goffick?). The missing link between ELP and Wiley via Wordsound, or something and strangely lovely, strangely Krautish. Almost justifies the existence* of mySpace stumbling upon stuff like that!
* I said, almost.
Update: Nah the missus can't identify the pieces being used on the last two tracks either, if anyone can and I'm sure they can, do let me know!

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Luciano said...

Well... this Goffick work reminds me of a Super-NES Castlevania-like soundtrack... and that's not necessarily bad!!