Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is anyone saying good things about the new Liars album? I would if I weren't on my current blogging hiatus (hoho!) However I CAN say that EVERY song reminds me of a different group and sounds like one of the best songs that particular group ever produced, but I'm unable to think exactly who any of the bands are. Maybe the second track's Jane's Addiction and then there's a later one that sounds more or less how later Jesus and Mary Chain should have sounded, yet, err.. it's also very unlike these things... very riffy, murky and blurry, off-kilter... nor does it sound contrivedly "eclectic." Plus it has a very trip-hoppy track called "Sailing To Byzantium(!)" with Kraut keyboard folderol mixed up high in the middle. I dunno, it's all very rum and closer to the Klaxons than anything else.... highly likely to be featuring in this year's top ten, making it a magnificent two-consecutive years in a blogger's top-ten for the lucky Liars! They can die contented!

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