Friday, April 13, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen.... have you ever wished that Weird War/ Nation of Ulysess etc were actually good.. or at least musically as compelling as the rhetoric (well with the exception of that " AK47" single). Ever wished the Afghan Whigs weren't so tubthumpingly blokey and anti-Glam. Or that Bobby Conn was ..well actually I quite like Bobby Conn as it happens. Or that The Gang of Four had Marc Bolan on vocals and lead guitar (ok, they're not actually THAT good....) If so, I give you HOT ONE, ex Shudder To Think, which given how weak Wedren's post STT output has been makes me think maybe Nathan Larsen was in fact the driving force behind the band. Can't think how they've passed me by up to now, they seem (faint praise alert!!!!) quite good!

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Kim Dot said...

They sound righteous and raw and invoke a kind of Gang of Four meets New York Dolls thing. Also reminds me of The Rapture another band out of NYC doing a neo-punk-glam thing. I like to refer to this NYC sound as Move Your Ass and Reclaim NYC Post Punk Dance Pop. Ha ha ha.