Monday, January 01, 2007

Christ is it 2007 already!

In which case...

4) V/A Tango: Un Giro extraño OST

3) Juana Molina: Son

2) Pere Ubu: Why I Hate Women

1) Pere Ubu: Why I Remix Women.

Song of the year: " Whip you with a strap" by Ghostface Killah, a bizarre, unintenionally comic masterpiece in which Ghostface gets all syrupy and nostalgic for the way his moma used to whip his legs into a bloody pulp with her hickory switch for the slightest misdemenour and bemoans the way that kids today just don't get that kind of good old, down-home tuffloving from the moms no more. Complete with old-time sample of a soulful, wistful refrain a la " Can it be that it was all so simple then?" from which the title is derived. Has to be heard to be believed!

"Despite the alcohol I had a great old moma/ she famous for her slaps/ until today she's honoured."


steve57 said...


This is supposed to a list of the best albums of 2006, right? Where's the Scritti Politti? The Joanna Newsom? Not even a nod towards Scott Walker...?

You'll be a pariah in the 'blogosphere', you know?


carl said...

a pariah in the blogosphere? why you'll turn my head with such talk, sir. actually I'd quite like to know your top ten for 2006, bet there's not a lot of gartside and gruesome in there either is there?

steve57 said...

Number one has to be Hosannas from The Basements Of Hell by Killing Joke to much amazement from myself - never really cared for the 'Joke, but this just floors me every time. Colossal sound.

The rest, uhhh... Tool, Rev Co, Broken Family Band, Priestess, The Bronx, Danko Jones, The Gossip (until the NME said they were cool, had to stop listening then, matter of principle, innit...).

Special mention must go to Crystal Pistol for making a glam/sleaze/cock-rock record almost as good as Zodiac Mindwarp's first - high praise indeed round 57 Towers...