Saturday, December 16, 2006

Education, education, education eh, Tony?

The spiritual strangulation of the country continues apace.

I wonder how many members of the cabinet have "useless" degrees in History or Literature ( ahhh, but that's alright, their parent's could afford to pay for it.) I wonder how many of them (or wives/husbands) dabble in "useless" activities such as Pilates, Yoga, various forms of new-age spirituality and err..... reading books (but they can afford to have interests, can't they? interests are what you are allowed to develop once you've made your money. Let's get things the right way round!) What do you mean you want to express yourself and relate to others who share your interests, what do you mean you want to expand your understanding and develop new non-essential skills that would only contribute to your own levels of happiness... ? You selfish fuckers, don't you think about the good of the country? Get back in your fucking Council-flat and get the TV on... stick another Iceland value-meal in the microwave and think yourself lucky that you've even got that... after all, what do you "contribute"?...only those who have already validated themselves by being "wealth-creators" are allowed to indulge in "leisure" at our subsidised expense... you've been priced out, but never mind, that should sharpen you up a bit, give you a further spur to becoming properly competitive in our flexible labour market...look, we've given you a concrete box to bring your kids up in, a concrete box to die in, just enough money to keep you in frozen pizzas and Sunny Delight, you've got twenty-four hour Big Brother on E4... what more do you people want?

Depressing. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you in all seriousness, what is to be done?

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