Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The (sadly behind the) Times has just come up with this amazingly lazy retread of other people's ideas/work...,,2101-2376975.html

Though it is amusing to note that the CEO of Inspired Broadcast Networks is called Norman Crowley. Now if ever there were a name that conflated the mixture of sinister Freemason and prosaic suburbanite essential in all CEOs, that's the one! And telling, also, that some pubs have scrapped them (Database Jukeboxes) as punters "Just didn't know what to choose."

Choice as burden.

Choice as vertiginous bewilderment. Adrift in the Choice-mos, trying hard to be a shrewd consumer, the good, rational, informed consumer you pride yourself in being (which is in fact your raison d'etre), trying to get your maximum value for your pound, but, indundated with options and anxious that you may fail to fullfil your duty, (does this selection really represent the best one, given that I can have anything, maybe I should think harder!) your self-esteem wavering, you decide, "Fuck it, let's just leave it off and have a chat." (The Impostume!)
Sweet. Is it only me or are we really reaching some kind of cultural breaking point here?

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Anonymous said...

What about reverse-Wyatting? I used to love putting Shanice's 1991 hit "I Love Your Smile" on the local stude-bar's jukebox and hum along loudly. You could see long haired, shaggy jumpered twats complaining about having to listen this "shit" to their fat girlfriends.