Monday, October 09, 2006

First up, just quidditched that new Little Axe that K-Punk's bigging up at the moment, (about which more later) along with “Warrior Dubz” (god bless promos, eh?) so quite heavily in the K-ster's corner of the universe musically at this very instant (The Impostume coming to you live and direct from a South London garret!!!)

I notice that “Warrior Dubz” has a very metal title and a very metal cover, but then again Mary Anne Hobbs may be rinsing out those off the hook Grime and Dubstep white labels until the early hours these days but it wasn’t that long ago that she was headbanging in a fringed leather biker jacket, reeking of patchouli oil, necking back the Newcastle Brown and shouting out for the rewind on Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts and The Ram Jam Band as I recall. I’d forgotten that Metallica / Motorhead/ Molly Hachett (insert metal band beginning with M here for purposes of own amusement) Anne Hobbs was one of the main playahs on this scene. Presumably her record collection goes Kode 9/Lethal Bizzle/ Loefah/ Plasticman/ Ratt. I reckon ALL these guys have got Saxon , Diamond-Head and Man ‘o’ War LPs tucked away behind the sofa. Hey, didn’t that Kano album sample “War Pigs”? It’s the New Wave of British Heavy Meckle.

PMPEP is confessing to a liking for Robbie William’s “Come Undone” over on Frothing-Spleen, something which has unfortunately provoked me into yet more musings and tusslings on the same subject, of which, again, more later. But don’t worry I will give you advanced notice so you can make a cup of tea while I post that one!

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