Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen.

There are those who claim that the universe is “indifferent”.

However, witness the recent, ludicrous death of absurd, overgrown schoolboy Steve Irwin who after engaging in biting competitions with crocodiles, out-spitting cobras and generally antagonising/ misguidedly palling-up to all manner of venomous/volatile, red-in-tooth-and-claw specimens of the animal kingdom, was finally speared through the heart by one of the most docile of all marine life forms.

I think we can in fact conclude therefore, that the universe is really watching quite closely and is always waiting for an opportunity to amuse itself at our expense.

The Impostume offers an Oztastic musical YouTube tribute to the late Mr Irwin, whose last words were reported to be, not his trademark “Crikey!” as one might have expected but rather “ Fucking animals, never liked ‘em ….”

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