Friday, September 29, 2006

A couple of brief things before I put The Impostume on hold for a few weeks and try to finish the etc, etc…

I’ve just heard Robbie’s next single, in the local CO-OP, since you asked, and it’s RAHHHHBISH, a toothsome ballad that strains for some of kind of cryptic socio-cultural poetic effect but of course simply sound irredeemably trite and try-hard. A truly charmless, bog-standard, big-chorus “soul” belter that reminded me of no less an abomination that the 4 Non-Blonde's “What’s Going On?” There goes my “Kid A” thesis.

James is having a tizzy over at the newly launched WOWarcraftaddict about the whole narcissism and futility of starting a blog and so on. Yep, we know, we all feel exactly the same thing before sitting down to write anything, who am I to think that I have anything to say, isn’t it just intellectual wanking, blah, blah… I direct him to the rant by the Lapsed Writer back in August re: just such concerns. Here’s how it is James, I want to know more about it, you’re a smart guy, you’d be doing me a favour and it means I won’t have to try and discuss it all with you while we’re in separate toilet cubicles at break time, over the sound of your thunderous pissing and attacks of clangorous flatulence. Crikey, can’t you ask anyone to do you a favour anymore ( I may admittedly not have phrased it in such a way, perhaps instead physically prodding him in the side of the head and implying that he was a bit of a lazy cunt, but a man who regularly traduces legions of Ganyadafritz in Cyberspace should be able to handle that, you’d think!) without them having a conniption fit over, like, the whole VALIDITY of WRITING?

Did you know that Gilles Deleuze and Michel Tournier were best mates? I had no idea till I started reading the really, utterly compelling “The Passion of Michel Foucault” (Put it DOWN, (just one more page!!!) Write you miserable FOOL!). So at least I’ve read ONE of them, eh?

Right I’m buggering off now and leaving you in the capable hands of the links bar, posts over the next month will be intermittent, and probably Jason Phereus related.

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