Saturday, August 26, 2006

Caetano Veloso - Cucurrucucu Paloma

Obvioulsy not up there with "You're In A Bad Way" or like, the works of Dubstar or whoever, but y'know.....

crappy translation (and this really ISN'T an attempt at false modesty) follows below...

Dicen que por las noches
no más se le iba en puro llorar.
Dicen que no comía,
no más se le iba en puro tomar.
Juran que el mismo cielo se estremecía al oír su llanto.

¡Cómo sufrió por ella, que hasta su muerte la fue llamando!

"Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay", cantaba.
"Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay", gemía.
"Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay", cantaba.
De pasión mortal moría.

Que una paloma triste muy de mañana le va a cantar
a la casita sola con las puertitas de par en par.
Juran que esa paloma no es otra cosa más que su alma,
que él todavía la espera a que regrese, la desdichada.

Cucurrucucú, paloma, cucurrucucú, no llores.

Las piedras jamás, paloma,
qué van a saber de amores.

Cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú, cucurrucucú,
paloma, ya no le llores.

They say that in the evenings
he could do nothing more than cry

they say he woudnt eat ,
and could do nothing more than drink

the swear that the sky itself
used to tremble at the sound of his cry

how much he suffered for her
and even in his death he was calling out to her

"Ay Ay, Ay, Ay" he'd sing
"Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay" he'd groan
"Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay" he'd sing
and of mortal passion, he would die

a sad dove, early in the morning begins to sing,
outside the little house with its doors ajar
they swear that this dove is nothing less than his soul
that still waits for her, the desolate ones, return

Cucurrucucú, dove,Cucurrucucú, don't cry.

the stones, will never, litle dove
know anything about lovers

Cucurrucucú, dove, dont cry

Certainly an appalling (non) translation, but you get the gist. There are some truly amazing up-tempo, yodelling Mariachi versions around too.

the final line (spoken) is " this Caetano has set my hair on end." Mine too, mate.

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