Thursday, May 20, 2021

Exorbitant Sufficiency

The Acid Communist (!) has put up a reading of my Exorbitant Sufficiency piece from a few years ago on what looks like becoming a very interesting youtube channel (I mean, not just because I'm on there...).



Very nice, but sounds wrong to anyone who knows you, hearing your words in an American accent!

carl said...

Ha, yeah. Maybe I should do more reading and give everyone the full benefit of the Barrovian accent (now via South London). It is interesting though the degree to which K-Punk seems to have become a touchstone for a lot of esp younger Americans. Capitalist Realism is a book about a particular moment in the UK in some respects, and Mark's work expresses a very British sensibility and set of concerns really. I have been thinking about the period 2006-2010 quite a lot recently and reflecting on how exciting it was to be even a minor part of this emerging blog to book to public engagement trajectory and watching a few people I really admired start to shape the environment around them in really interesting ways.