Wednesday, June 10, 2020

non-workers' playtime

Here’s three novel-related playlists.
They are considered as a sort of soundtrack to the book, but then also represent the music that appears within them. They express some of the themes but also follow a rough narrative progression too. In that sense they have been sequenced.
Ideally they would be listened to all the way through. Both playlists have the same number of tracks and are almost exactly the same length, mirroring the novels (both are just over 106,000 words).

The first is for/from Resolution Way.

The second is for/from Eminent Domain.

Ideally you would begin listening to them as the sun goes down and finish eight hours later in the dawn.

Or while reading the books themselves.

The third, Music from the Enthusiasm combines and randomises the two previous playlists (and  can be  shuffled again as per the listener’s desires). The Enthusiasm, in Eminent Domain, is a Zone that overlaps the two novel’s world’s and whose denizens are attuned to the frequencies of  both.

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