Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Big Fat Zero

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Maybe, on the threshold of the twenty-twenties it's time for a re/assessment of the previous decade, so this now exists in untitled, shell form. Will anything come of it or are we all too dispersed across different media platforms now? Are inertia, ambivalence, antipathy political and interpersonal, the attrition of the years the order of the day or is there untapped, pent up longing for a group space, shared enthusiasms, epiphanies, irrespective of differing perspectives? A new generation of reflection hungry Nineties' kids keen to look back on their formative years in antiquated platforms?

Who knows? Still, there it is. My email address is in my profile if you want adding, same "rules" as last time, no gatekeepers, no line, invite whomsoever you like once added, it's as much your blog as anyone's, good faith is assumed.

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