Friday, July 01, 2016

For heaven's sake man, buy!

In piss-poor attempt at promotion I remind you all that this exists. That's just what the reading public needs right now, a political dystopia to escape into.
If anyone has any better ideas re promotion I'd welcome them!
Also if I promised you a copy fear not, they will be dispatched this very weekend. Even if its raining! 
Which it will be


Bobby's Dream said...

Visiting family in NZ and the weather is terrible. Have gorged on Resolution Way in 2 day binge. Very compelling narrative. Am planning to read again to pick up all the stuff I missed in my haste and due to jet lag. Very much looking forward to Eminent Domain. Great work!

carl said...

Bobby,thanks for that, it's good to know. If you have time to rate it on Amazon or leave a comment that would be a great help. Enjoy that holiday!