Thursday, June 20, 2013

At some point Owen Jones is just going to punch someone on TV, innee?

Really exasperated by this "could  Socialism give us the Internet meme?" ( Cos after all the USSR was a scientific backwater wasn't it? How we laughed at their pathetic attempts to build weaponry and put people in space!)

Arm yourself dear Blogreader with this quote from Castells' The Internet Galaxy.

"In sum, all the key technological developments that led to the Internet were built around government institutions, major universities and research centres. The Internet did not originate in the business world. It was too daring a technology, too expensive a project, and too risky an initiative to be assumed by profit-oriented institutions."

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Paul Hebron said...

If he didn't do it to Guido Fawkes...

"i don't pay my taxes so layabouts can shoot up dope and have sex on snooker tables!"

god willing...