Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh good, I can make it to this this year.

I have huge respect for the organisers even though I have never met them.

Actually Barrow-in-Furness has always been pretty adventurous musically. There were some really good gigs there during the late 80s, partly local promoters putting on Indy bands (would you believe the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, Shamen among may others all played the tiny Bluebird Club prior to getting big/becoming dance-oriented). Then in the later Eighties it was quite plugged into the "Noise" scene primarily via the truly awesome Mel-o-tones/ Walking Seed's connection with Kramer and Shimmy disc. It was also always hospitable to punk and crusty bands as well. And, due to being up North was a reasonably early adopter to House (everyone went on fairly regular pilgrimages to Eastern Block in Manchester, many to worship at the feet of Graham Massey, personally I used to sneak off to Affleck's and try and pluck up the courage to speak to Mark Hoyle.)

Actually I was reflecting the other day just how many now "legendary" post-rock/shoegaze bands I saw during the late eighties/up to mid nineties (basically all of them) and just how amazingly boring most of them were. 

I cant remember how  may times I saw Lush, Swervedriver, The Pale Saints, the Boo Radleys. Even once was one time too many.

Bark Psychosis playing to thirty people in the Duchess of York in 1994 (or somewhen) sounds amazing right? It was dull as dishwater. 

I have a feeling I even saw Disco Inferno. Or was it Ultramarine? Who cares? I sat at the back getting pissed as they droned unexcitingly on to seventeen fidgety hardcore Melody Maker muso-boffins (of which I was admittedly one).

Techno Animal doing "Ghosts" live to an audience of literally five people ?

Nah, actually. That was pretty great.


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Jake said...

Add Moose & Slowdive to that list of lameness. I saw them play with HP Zinker headlining who were fab and blew the lame brits off stage.