Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Excellent post by Agata over at FOPTMC.

Funny thing with Possession is, I have been aware of it's existence for many, many years, since I was a kid in fact and have never been able to bring myself to watch it. 

When I was ten, eleven years old I used to read couple of more adult film magazines, Starburst and Cinema and Possession had a big feature in the former at one point a kind of making of, plus a review. Primarily I was interested in the fact that Carlo Rambaldi did the special effects ( his next job, improbably, after Alien and Possession was designing E.T.) and the film itself sounded so disturbing (along with the look of the grainy black and white photos that accompanied the text) to my pre-pubescent boy-self that I have, ever since, spent time actively avoiding watching it. 

When it was out on video in my teens and I was voraciously consuming every bit of trash or cult cinema I could get my hands on, I never saw Possession, I missed it when it was on Channel 4, when it got shown at a film club at the Cinema when I lived in Leeds, I somehow didn't go that day, and last year when I discovered it was on You Tube I watched the first five minutes and then, finding that horrible enough (though nothing happens exactly) clicked away.


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agata pyzik said...

how funny - of course tempted to convince you to watch it now. as far as I know you (sic) you're precisely teh person who'd appreciate it, what of it subtle treatment of male-female relationships.
funny I didnt mention Rambaldi, cos of course know about his input and it's tempting to compare Alien and Possession this way (and other ways).

ps. pity I check yr blog so rarely, but it's because it always crashes my computer (like now, for instance), you must've accidentally install too much "attractions" or something.