Friday, August 03, 2012

Hypothetical top ten....

Here's my most watched  films, at the very least. Most of these date  from my  late teens early twenties when the  sheer paucity of options meant that I revisited certain films again and again. And of  course, at that age, bad, middlebrow, narcissistic character identification was the key in some ways. As was the idea that things were "dark" or "literary".

Withnail and  I

Blue Velvet

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Exorcist 3

River's Edge

Night of the Hunter


Shock Corridor



That's basically the filler in the "Cult" section of your local second hand record/dvd shop, innit?

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Anonymous said...

Withnail and I, Sexy Beast, Full Metal Jacket, The Big Sleep are probably my most watched... Withnail and I literally consumed me for weeks when I first bought the dvd.