Thursday, December 15, 2011

So yeah that Jamie Vex'd eh? Basically I don't think he's done anything I haven't really liked, and he kind of got out of the moody end of Dubstep almost the instant he released its definitive record, didn't he? That  album of Vex'd  offcuts last year was great, I saw  him live a few years ago on an evening of Dubstep drabness around the time of the In System Travel stuff and he shone. Basically he seems like a younger (generations') version of Kevin Martin, restless, innovative, smart and largely incapable of making records I won't like.

Someone else LIOMRIWL is that Dan Lopatin. He's  got better with each release it seems and Replica is basically pretty minblowing, isn't  it? I'd be keen to know what  else it  sounds like, or how retro sounding it is (unlike the Wire album of the year a bit back Rifts) to me it sounded/felt pretty new. In  fact this and the new Ferraro (who I haven't much cared  for in the  past) made me think, immediatley: this is the work of great artists.

 Actually the titles alone on the Ferraro record were worth some kind of prize.

Yeah, I love those records. Fuck it, I'll  say it: 2011 was a brilliant year for music. Actually it felt like  a germinal year.

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