Monday, April 18, 2011

Stewart Lee, Hauntologist! Now, obviously being miles away from "home" with no job, no mates, and ping out at work all day i've drifted into nocturnalism and spend my life watching stuff on youtube. not having had a tv in the uk for the past seven or eight years i have been doing some catching up (though mostly i've been, interestingly enough, not exactly watching the film's that are on there but taking satisfaction in finding out what's available. this is the internet innit, where the pleasure is in the discovery, the filing away of the for-later and the continued quest, where any actual watching of something is less important than knowing what can be watched.) two things i have watched and really enjoyed are Saxondale and Lee's stuff. yeah..... that's it. Stewart Lee, really good.

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Greyhoos said...

"this is the internet innit, ... less important than knowing what can be watched."

If that doesn't describe it perfectly, I don't know what does.