Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why should a bus driver/ plumber/shelf-stacker or whatever other putative, working class anti-educationalist, who themselves would clearly never have any interest funding a free-education system from which their own children might potentially benefit, fund the education of someone who will then go on to be a doctor and later save their life in an NHS hospital? Err….sorry, become just one more pampered millionaire graduate, living in clover with their ostentatious 2:2 in Media Studies?

This seems to be a question doing the rounds at the moment and I thoroughly support the notion that it is wrong IN PRINCIPLE to have education funded from tax.

This is not a question of simply having run out of money and there being absolutely no way of finding it other than cutting the extravagant largesse of the public purse which, while it manages to maintain a sizeable and absolutely necessary Army, Navy and Air Force in order to defend us from all the bellicose nation that ring us, less happy lands like Belgium, Sweden, The Scilly Isles and so on, is instrumental in policing the furthest flung reaches of our Empire (Northern Ireland, Rockall etc) and keeps us involved in politically and economically lustrous endeavours such as the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, certainly doesn’t have the means to pay housing benefit to the large pool of unemployed structurally necessary to keep the inflation rate down.

This is a question of eternal and immutable principle. So what should be done about all those who have egregiously and immorally been educated at the State’s ie the taxpayer’s ie MY WORKING CLASS FAMILY’S expense over the past fifty years?

Successive Socialist Governments have robbed us and given the money away to Leftist intellectuals to teach toilet-paper degrees like PPE and Social Anthropology, that make no direct practical contribution to the economy. Surely no-one who understands the importance of business and the needs of a modern economy would actually bother to study that kind of mickey-mouse bollocks anyway. What we need are entrepreneurs who left school at fourteen and aggressively fought there way up the wealth ladder using whatever megalomaniac underhand tactics they had at their disposal running this country. Or the people in Banking and Finance who have repeatedly shown us that they understand how the REAL WORLD works. Not some ivory tower upper-class dreamer with a Tampax degree in Social Policy! Thank god we’ve got a Government that has demonstrably pulled itself up by its own bootlaces, not a silver-spoon among them. If they can succeed anyone can. The opportunities are out there! Just go out into the street right now and look around. GO ON!!!!!!!! YOU’RE NOT LOOKING HARD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!


But I digress. Right. I want my family’s money back. Anybody who has immorally hived off money from the working class in order to get a free-education over the past forty years should have to pay it back PLUS a percentage of all the extra earnings that have accrued to them as a result of said education. Why not 100%! The thieving bastards! Reparations are due. If the banks have to pay back bank charges they made illegally why don’t people who have knowingly taken money, wrongly, for selfish ends and then lived well on the proceeds of their initial crimes, in collusion with a criminal state, have to pay back theirs?

And anyway given that being a graduate is basically a one way ticket to wealth beyond the dreams of Warren Buffet, they’re not going to miss it are they?

What are you doing back in here so soon? What do you mean it’s snowing?


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Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is satirical.

But I do agree.