Monday, October 18, 2010

The Impostume’s dizzying 25 year ascent from Barrovian pub loudmouth to metropolitan public intellectual sustains its frenetic pace with not one but two appearances!

Firstly I’ll be speaking briefly at this*

about Romero’s “Martin” and 70’s horror in general.

Secondly I’ll be at Housmans, ostensibly to talk about Classless but actually talking about the trajectory from the Angry Young Men of the Fifties through Withnail and Johnny from Naked (good), Renton and Ali G (bad). It’s called “Poor in all but words”, assuming I actually get round to writing it, of course.

If the Impostume’s regular reader can make it, it’d be lovely to see you there.

*Looks good, dunnit. Keen to hear what the divine Mark K-P has to say.

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