Friday, September 24, 2010

The aspiring entrepreneur,
The goliath of supermarkets.

It’s far from a sign of weakness.
Tears are rarely shed
The balance of power has shifted.

It might scupper the deal,
Hoping to drum up a 50k investment,
Peer pressure….

I think you’re a breath of fresh air!
I just saw red,
I was totally incensed.

Four dragons bowed out
Just a stone's throw away.

Fledgling businesses
A charity auction,
In his own inimitable style

Have gone bust
Overhaul the business

From humble beginnings!
A radical decision!

Their jobs are on the line,
The squeeze has come on everybody

Your brain is buzzing,
You’ll get fobbed off.

Put your head above the parapet,

……I’m a bit in the dark.

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